Mad, Bad & Dangerous Series 1 & 2

2020-2022 / Copper Alley Productions & Up Up Up

Director:Emma O’Grady
Creator:Emma O’Grady
Producers:Emma O’Grady
Lara Hickey
Miriam Haughton (Associate Producer)
Cast: Ep 1: Lelia Doolan & Bernadette McAliskey
Ep 2: Margaretta D’Arcy & Lelia Doolan
Ep 3 Pauline Cummins & Jo Murphy Lawless
Ep 4 Nell McCafferty & Lelia Doolan


A celebration of ‘difficult women’. A series of recorded conversations between Irish women in the public eye over 70 years of age.

The title draws from the 1960s, when Archbishop John Charles McQuaid allegedly described Lelia Doolan as “mad, bad and dangerous” (a phrase originally coined by Lady Caroline Lamb about Lord Byron). In this series, these wonderfully ‘difficult’ women are the ones who broke the mould and challenged the limitations of life for women at a time when they were supposed to stay at home and stay quiet. Because of their achievements, intellect, battles, and compassion, we can live differently.

FUNDERSIn association with Dublin Fringe Festival and Age & Opportunities Bealtaine Festival, with support from Irish Womens Lawyers Assocation, Community Knowledge Initiative at NUIG, Institute for Lifecourse and Society, Feminist Storytelling Network, Galway County Council and Waterford City & County Council.

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